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Every Mile Matters

Just 4 months away from taking my first step in my 4,000 mile journey across the country. Progress is not made by standing still and I am looking forward to making every mile matter.

“Every Mile Matters” is a motto I plan to live by this summer as I run a 4,000 mile relay across the country. This relay will be one of the most physically demanding and emotionally rewarding experiences. I will be raising money for the Ulman Foundation which is a nonprofit dedicated to building a community of support for young adults and their families impacted by cancer.

Each year 72,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer. In 2017, I was one of them. My community of support and love contributed to the success of my healing. My vision for the future is one without cancer. But I know in the meantime, we must do our part in providing the support for those that are battling so that nobody fights alone. The Ulman foundation provides help through cancer support chats, scholarships for continuing education, counseling on life after cancer, and housing for those in seek of shelter or a home away from home while receiving treatment. 

On June 21st, 2020, I will start in Baltimore, Maryland. The next 7 weeks will consist of running a total of just over 500 miles each, to accomplish the 4,000 miles as a team. We will end in San Francisco, California on August 8th. As I travel coast to coast, the goal is to raise awareness and build communities across the country. I will be staying in YMCAs, churches, schools, and gyms for the 49 days and our meals will be donated. This ensures that all of the money we raise will go directly to helping young adults that are fighting cancer!

I will run an average of 12-18 miles. And every 6 days I get a rest day where I will be in charge of equipment, food, and service projects! During the summer, we will wake up at 5 a.m. to get breakfast. Then we will dedicate our run for the day to honor someone. The next 8 hours we will be running 2 miles and then tagging the next person who will then run the next 2 miles until everyone has run their mileage for the day. Finally, at night, we will set up at our new host and spend the time recovering, blogging about our experience, and visiting patients in the hospital.

I already get goosebumps thinking about when I will run across the Golden Gate Bridge, completing my 4,000-mile journey. My 20 teammates who started as strangers will by then be some of my closest friends. My friends and family who helped me through my cancer journey will be awaiting when I finish this journey across America.

Along the way, I anticipate reaching new heights and finding a strength I have never known before. I will experience our country in a way that some people never have the opportunity to do. I try to imagine the sights and places I will see. I know this journey will be challenging but I am so ready for it. By June, I will have been training for over 10 months and will have run over 1,500 miles. I have learned the value of preparation. I am the girl up at 5:30 a.m. before class or a football game running an average of 40 miles a week. These weeks have shown me that determination and hard work will always be a regular part of my life.

"I anticipate reaching new heights and finding a strength I have never known before."

As I run from Maryland to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana to Illinois to Missouri to Kansas to Nebraska to Colorado to Utah to Arizona to Nevada to California my main goals are:

1- Support as many young adults and families affected by cancer as I can

2- Enjoy the journey

3- AND make every mile count

If you would like to help me along my journey click here to support my page. My personal goal is to raise $6,000 and our total goal is to raise $800,000. Please subscribe to my blog as I post about my experience all along the way. And always remember, in life and on runs, every mile matters.


*Photographs courtesy of the Ulman Foundation

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